ChristianaCare doctor answers more of your COVID vaccine questions

We have been receiving a lot of questions from our Actions News viewers about the COVID-19 vaccines.

So, we reached out once again to Dr. Marci Drees, the chief infection prevention officer for ChristianaCare, who was kind enough to provide some answers.

Cynthia from Ardmore asks: Is there a way to test if a person is susceptible to the blood clotting issue linked to the J&J vaccine?

Dr. Drees says, "No, there is not and, so far, they haven't really identified any specific risk factors for this syndrome, which is not only an increased risk of clotting but also associated with low platelets. That's something that's kind of unusual with this."

Dr. Drees added that blood clotting issues involving the J&J vaccine are exceedingly rare.

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Alexandra from Delaware wonders: I've heard some people do not develop antibodies, even if fully vaccinated. Is that possible?

"That is absolutely possible," Dr. Drees says, "Not everybody responds as well to any vaccine. People that have compromised immune systems may not respond as well. So, it's important for anyone around them to be vaccinated because that helps protect them."

Charles from Delaware wants to know: How long are the COVID vaccines effective, and do you think we will need annual boosters for any of them?

Dr. Drees says, "That's an excellent question and the answer is we really don't know at this point. I think we're all kind of preparing for that possibility, but it certainly hasn't been determined yet."

Another viewer wanted to know: As the age range for vaccine eligibility expands to include teenagers and children, do you believe the COVID vaccines are both safe and necessary for young people?

Dr. Drees says yes!

"I have an 11-year-old and I wish it was approved down to 11 because I would get him vaccinated just as soon as I can and I will just as soon as it's approved for his age," she said.
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