Camden County officials report uptick number of in young people with cases of COVID-19

Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Camden County reports uptick in numbers of young people with COVID-19

CAMDEN COUNTY, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Lawmakers in Camden County say a few months ago, the average age of someone infected with COVID-19 was in their 50s. Now, it's 31.

During a virtual county update, Freeholder Director Lou Capelli says they are starting to see a concerning trend: young people flocking to the shore, hitting parties-- not distancing or wearing masks.

They might not be getting very sick, but they are spreading the virus to others who might.

"Right now, based on our contact tracing about 90 percent of the cases we're seeing, new cases, are individuals who are infecting someone at home," said Capelli.

The infection rate in New Jersey is 1.5, meaning if 10 people are infected you can expect 15 news cases to follow.

Officials are pleading with young people to take precautions and to be honest with contact tracers.

There's also more concern about spread among kids playing sports.

For every family, you have to weigh your risks. Everyone should be taking precautions, but this is especially true if you have someone in your close circle who is older or more vulnerable.

Your entire family has to be extra careful in order to keep them safe.