Experts encourage young people to remember to practice precautions in light of COVID-19

As summer gets underway, local lawmakers and health officials are urging everyone to continue to practice precautions. They are especially concerned about young people spending time at the Delaware beaches or Jersey shore.

This comes as other states are seeing a spike in cases and hospitalizations, officials here want to make sure people are doing what we can to limit the spread of the virus and keep our numbers down.

And people did flock to the Jersey shore this past weekend.

Governor Murphy expressing concern about videos of young people partying without masks or social distancing.

In Delaware, officials are urging teenagers who participated in Senior Week at Dewey beach to get checked after several tested positive for COVID-19.

Younger people are less likely to get severe symptoms but they could pass on the infection to older or more vulnerable family members.

That's why experts say it is important everyone take precautions.

"We all have people in our lives that we want to protect. And I think that's kind of a good thing to think about when we think about the choice to wear a face-covering or not and to social distance or not," said Dr. Rattay.

In Florida, more than half of the new cases are in people under age 35. But not all have mild symptoms.

It is not just seniors winding up in the ICU, but some young people as well. So keep in mind you may be more vulnerable to the infection than you think.

Keeping distance, wearing a mask and avoiding crowds all help protect you and people around you.
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