Montgomery County distillery offering free homemade hand sanitizer

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Wednesday, March 18, 2020
Montgomery County distillery offering free homemade hand sanitizer
Boardroom Spirits in Lansdale, Montgomery County is offering free homemade hand sanitizer

It's one of the hardest products to find right now, hand sanitizer, so the idea that someone would be giving it away for free may seem surreal to a lot of people, but that's exactly what Boardroom Spirits in Lansdale, Montgomery County is doing.

All the staff is asking customers to do is bring their own container and they will fill them up with 4 ounces of the product for free.

Ryan Dormer of Hatfield says he was having a hard time finding it otherwise.

"Aldi pretty much goes out as soon as they get it in, people are swarming it," he said.

The distiller says the main ingredient is something they produce anyway, ethanol.

"It's such a small portion of what we produce, it's not affecting us negatively," said Tim Moaks, the distiller.

He says he usually distills it in thousand-liter barrels. He's setting aside 30 liters at a time for the sanitizer, which he then mixes in his lab. As for the recipe, "I myself did not come up with it; I got it on the World Health Organization's website."

In addition to the ethanol, he adds glycerin and hydrogen peroxide to the mix. Once blended, he puts it in a barrel where customers can fill their containers.

"They're in tune to what's going on in the neighborhood and they're looking out for everybody," said Michelle Healey of Colmar.

Healey already made one stop to the distillery for hand sanitizer, but she decided to come back and donate a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. She heard that's the one product they need that was running low.

"They said that's what they need to make it and I had extra at home," said Healey.

The hand sanitizer isn't the only in-demand product the distillery is offering. It is also doing a takeout bottle service for liquor and some cocktails.