Man donates kidney after finding misplaced Craigslist ad

"It's more than a gift, it's being reborn."

Monday, November 23, 2015
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The match wouldn't have happened if not for a misplaced ad.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Doctors at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania are preparing two people from our area for kidney transplant surgery, but the match wouldn't have even happened if not for a misplaced ad.

32-year-old Nina Saria of Egg Harbor Township says she wasn't comfortable at first with her husband Kay posting a Craigslist ad to find her a kidney donor.

"I'm a private person so I didn't like the idea of putting out the story and I also didn't want people to feel bad for me," Nina said.

But Kay felt helpless.

Nina went into kidney failure more than a year ago due to an autoimmune illness. She needs dialysis three times a week.

He figured a post on Craigslist was worth a shot.

Somehow that post popped up when Glenn Calderbank of West Berlin, N.J. was searching for construction supplies.

"Out of nowhere was an ad saying 'looking for a brave person;' not that I thought I was a brave person, but I wondered what they were looking for," Glenn said.

When he realized it was for a kidney, it hit home.

His first wife Jessica also had kidney failure. She waited two years for a transplant.

She received a kidney and pancreas from a cadaver, but her body later rejected the organs. She died in 2011.

"He felt my pain and our family's struggle for a kidney," Kay said.

"I definitely think it was a sign," Glenn said.

A sign to give the gift of life.

Glenn is a match and surgery is scheduled for December 1st.

"It's more than a gift, it's being reborn," Nina said.

Glenn and Nina hope their story spark more people to becoming an organ donor.

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