'Dancing with the Stars' recap: Top 7 revealed as Jeannie Mai withdraws, another couple gets eliminated

"Dancing with the Stars" pushes couples to perform two dances, and seven couples make it through for another week.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2020
Jeannie Mai withdraws from 'Dancing with the Stars'
TV personality Jeannie Mai is recovering after undergoing surgery. The unexpected hospitalization forced her to withdraw from Season 29 of "Dancing with the Stars."

LOS ANGELES -- There was a little less excitement and a little less pixie dust in the ballroom this week. TV host Jeannie Mai had to deal with a medical emergency and withdrew from the competition.

That meant the planned double elimination was pared down to a single elimination. But the couples had to work extra hard in order to stay: two dances! They each danced a routine, and then earned extra points during a "relay round."

Here's a rundown of the judges leader board, from highest score to lowest:

Nev Schulman and Jenna

Viennese waltz

27 out of 30; +3 bonus points

Nev gives us a peak into his busy days: taking care of kids, working out, an ice bath for aches and pains, shooting his TV show 'Catfish,' then long rehearsals with Jenna. He's focused, and nails the routine for yet another week. Bruno Tonioli thinks Nev oozes charm, charisma and confidence. Carrie Ann Inaba called the dance elegant and beautiful. Derek Hough likes that Nev moves with intention and clarity and said he's a joy to watch.

Johnny Weir and Britt


27 out of 30; +3 bonus points

They got fired up last week and the flame is still hot with these two. They've developed a sweet and trusting partnership and the judges all noticed it in the ballroom. Derek praised Johnny's frame. Bruno loves how he fills the whole stage. And Carrie Ann said she appreciates his artistry and emotion.

Justina Machado and Sasha


27 out of 30; +2 bonus points

Justina thought back to her 10-year-old self, seeing "West Side Story" for the first time and seeing her Latin self represented on the big screen. Jump to today, and she co-stars with Oscar-winning actress Rita Moreno on "One Day at a Time" and life has come full circle. She dedicates this samba to Rita. Carrie Ann called Justina fierce, and likes how she makes us feel the dance with her. Derek thinks she is fun to watch; Bruno agreed and called her exuberant and joyful.

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Artem


25 out of 30; +3 bonus points

Last week rocked Kaitlyn's world, not in a good way, when she received her lowest score, and not the best comments from the judges. She commits more than ever to the process. Artem offers advice about not giving up and not getting down; he tells her to please herself and not worry about pleasing others so much. Derek complimented both dancers for the amount of Jive content they included in the routine. Bruno thinks she has what it takes to succeed, but he does want to see more passion... or as he put it "the full Monty."

Skai Jackson and Alan


25 out of 30; +2 bonus points

The young couple get to have fun dancing to Missy Elliott's "Work it." Alan tells Skai to dance like she's having fun with her friends at the club. She reminds him she is way too young to get into a club! The routine is very energetic and filled with big lifts. Carrie Ann thought the dance was aggressive, in a good way, and Skai let herself go. She and Bruno both thought the lifts were good, but they didn't think she nailed all the landings. Derek agreed that there may have been one too many flips/tricks.

AJ McLean and Cheryl


24 out of 30; +3 bonus points

AJ jumps right in and talks about overcoming his addiction. He's dancing for his kids, saying they saved his life. Cheryl also talks about being sober for two years. They share how they appreciate second chances. Bruno was captivated by the intensity and drama; Carrie Ann called it passionate and powerful. But all three judges agreed that there wasn't enough actual rumba content in the routine.

Chrishell Stause and Gleb

Viennese waltz

24 out of 30; +2 bonus points

Chrishell is beaming with the confidence that's been growing inside her each week. She talks about her busy schedule, juggling her full-time job on two reality TV shows. Carrie Ann thought the dance was graceful, except for a "wonky arm." Derek agreed about the arm and told her to work on her transitions. Bruno said she has some big moments, but needs to sustain them throughout the dance.

Nelly and Daniela


21 out of 30; +2 bonus points

The tear jerker story of the night comes from Nelly, and his sister Jackie who fought a long hard battle with leukemia. Nelly said he thinks about her every day. Derek thanked him for sharing his personal story, and said it helps the dance move to another level when there's so much emotion. Carrie Ann is proud of how far he has come.

In the bonus round, "Team Cha" included Nev, Chrishell and Nelly. "Team Viennese waltz" had Justina and Johnny; and "Team Samba" was AJ, Skai and Kaitlyn.

Host Tyra Banks announced the six couples who were safe for another week: Nelly, Justina, AJ, Kaitlyn, Johnny and Nev.

That left Skai and Chrishell in the bottom two. Now it's up to the judges. Carrie Ann saves Skai; Bruno saves Skai. So it's Chrishell's time to pack up her dancing shoes and leave.