High school student honors memory of migrating birds in Philadelphia art instillation

Philly has a "Lights Out" program to encourage skyscrapers and residents to turn out non-essential lights during migration season.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- It's the time of the year that birds are migrating south through our area. Unfortunately, city lights can distract migrating birds, that end up accidentally flying into windows.

Now, a public art installation is flying over Philadelphia's 3 Logan Square Plaza in remembrance of a mass bird casualty at the site last year.

Victoria Sindlinger, a high school junior and an avid bird watcher, is taking her first leap into public art installations.

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Sindlinger recruited seven families to help her craft paper birds, carefully installing them in trees along 18th and Cherry streets.

"The birds you see here, 150 birds, they represent one-tenth of the bird lives lost that night. But it also is a lot more than that, that very jarring event inspired a lot of positive change," said Sindlinger.

Philadelphia now has a "Lights Out" program encouraging skyscrapers and residents to turn out non-essential lights from midnight until 6 a.m. during migration season.

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Victoria's hope is that this public art installation encourages residents to participate in the Lights Out program, shutting off indoor lights overnight as to not distract migrating birds.

The installation runs through Sunday.

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