9 deadbeat parents owing $108,000 arrested in overnight sweep

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Authorities arrested nine deadbeat males overnight in Cheltenham, Philadelphia, and Norristown who together owed more than $108,000 in unpaid child support.

"The luck of the Irish ran out for these people at about midnight," Montgomery County Sheriff Russell Bono said in a statement.

Two of those captured in the early Wednesday morning sweep were on the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office's list of "Most Wanted" for child support.

Another of the men owed $44,854.85 for one child.

15 sheriff's deputies went out with a list of 34 parents, who collectively owed $474,160 in child support for 47 children.

Out of the nine arrested, two were picked up in Philadelphia, one from Conshohocken and seven from Norristown.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is still looking for the following four deadbeat parents who evaded the sweep:

Charles Davis, whose last known address is 208 E. 7th Ave., Conshohocken, Pa., owes $33,989.56 for one child.

Michael Gatling, whose last known address is 8313 Cheltenham Ave., Laverock, Pa., owes $45,775.80 for 3 children.

Chykeat Goodley, whose last known address is 205 E. Penn St., Norristown, Pa., owes $29,765.66 for four children.

John McGeer, whose last known address is 404 Magee Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., owes $30,622 for one child.

Anyone with information should call the MCSO TIP LINE at 610-278.