Suspect wanted for homicide near St. Joseph's University turns himself in

Tyreese Quinerley allegedly called 911 with a fabricated story, the D.A. said.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Suspect wanted for homicide near St. Joseph's University turns himself in
Suspect wanted for homicide near St. Joseph's University turns himself in

LOWER MERION TWP., Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- The suspect wanted for a shooting death near the campus of St. Joseph's University has turned himself in.

The Montgomery County District Attorney's Office said Tyreese Quinerley, of Philadelphia, is being charged with first- and third-degree murder.

Tyreese Quinerley

Quinerley is accused of shooting 39-year-old Jefferson Shackford to death inside his van at City Avenue and Cardinal Avenue late Sunday night.

Then, the D.A. says Quinerley called 911 with a fabricated story, claiming he nearly hit the victim with his car.

A responding officer let Quinerley go before discovering the victim had been shot and that the story was a lie.

Through surveillance video and two eyewitness accounts, investigators say Quinerley's vehicle was seen driving erratically and speeding on City Ave. when it stopped for a red light at Cardinal Ave. While at the stop light, the driver got out of the vehicle at roughly 10:45 p.m. and fired two shots into the van.

A few minutes later, investigators say surveillance video showed Quinerley dragging Shackford out of the van and leaving him on the sidewalk.

Both witnesses told police the man was wearing gray sweatpants and gave a description that matched Quinerley, according to officials.

Detectives say they also recovered a cell phone from a secured, fenced construction area, which was approximately 30 feet from where Shackford was found. Investigators say they have since determined that the cell phone belongs to Quinerley and that it had been communicating with another cell phone recovered from Shackford's body.

The D.A. said Quinerley's phone records also showed that just after he called 911, he was talking with a female, who was interviewed by detectives. She confirmed she was talking with Quinerley while the police were on scene, and that Quinerley and Shackford knew each other from "the neighborhood," investigators say.

Officials also said that during the 911 call, Quinerley called the victim "Creek" multiple times as if he knew him, which was a nickname of Shackford's, who also had a tattoo of "King Creek" on his stomach.

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