Woman says she ended up with $19,000 dental loan she didn't sign for

ByChad Pradelli and Cheryl Mettendorf WPVI logo
Saturday, May 15, 2021
Woman says she ended up with $19k dental loan she didn't sign for
A Bucks County woman is warning others after she said she ended up with a $19,000 dental loan for which she didn't sign.

BUCKS COUNTY, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- A Bucks County woman is warning others after she said she ended up with a $19,000 dental loan for which she didn't sign.

Regina Finley said it happened after she went to Alpha Dental Excellence in Langhorne for a $49 teeth cleaning.

She said she contemplated getting new crowns and permanent teeth after visiting the office.

Finley said the dental office's Treatment Coordinator told her, she could finance the work.

She said she told the employee she wanted to discuss with her husband,

"She said, 'When would you like to start?' And I said, Well, I like to start as soon as possible. But I know I have to get the loan first. And she went, No, no, we'll start tomorrow"

She said she went back the next day for some preliminary work while deciding to still shop around.

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"And she said, Cheryl wants you to sign this. I said, what am I signing? She goes, that you're approving the dentist working on your teeth," said Finley.

She said she had several teeth pulled that day but after discussing the price with a relative who is also a dentist decided to do the remaining dental work under his care out of state.

Alpha Dental Excellence's Treatment Coordinator allegedly said this:

"What are you going to do about the work done on your teeth? I said, I will pay that you send me the bill, I will pay that," said Finley.

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Several weeks later she says she soon realized she had a loan with Greensky, a company who does healthcare financing.

The interest rate was nearly 10% and her payment more than $300 a month.

She said she contacted the owner of Alpha Dental Dr. Arpen Patel.

"I said, Dr. Patel, I just got a loan that was signed by somebody else that's forgery," said Finley "This loan I never signed. He goes, oh, no, no, no, if you're going to talk forgery, you better get a lawyer."

She said she soon found something odd.

4 days after sitting in the chair for the preliminary work, she said Alpha Dental kept calling for additional signatures on paperwork.

She went to Middletown Township Police which said it couldn't comment to Action News.

No charges have been filed, but Finley took Dr. Patel to court.

Last month, a judge awarded her a $12,000 judgement.

And Finley is not the only one filing complaints.

Action News has uncovered 5 lawsuits against Alpha Dental Excellence within the last 2 years where a judge a ruled against the company.

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The suits alleged Alpha Dental failed to pay for promotional videos, a restaurant dinner event, to unfinished dental work.

Barbara Moore sued and won a $12,000 judgement.

Moore claimed Dr. Patel wanted paid in full before completing 30,000 dollars in dental implants.

"He literally left me in stitches," said Moore. "I had stitches all in my mouth, and refuse to see me unless I paid on them full."

Moore said she attended a dinner hosted by Alpha Dental Excellence at a local restaurant,

"So I went up, it's a high pitch sales thing," she said. "They have a bunch of people probably about 10 people have their employees that run around giving out folders making appointments."

Both women said even after being awarded judgements, collecting can be costly.

After legal fees, they worry, they'll receive just a fraction of what they should receive.

We asked Dr. Patel about the allegations.

"I'd like to talk to you about Regina Finley and Barbara Moore," asked Chad Pradelli. "I have no idea what those are and I can't comment on those," replied Dr. Patel.

"The Judge ruled against you," Chad Pradelli asked Dr. Patel.

"It's yet to be determined," he replied.

"Well, Regina Finley says that she that she did not sign loan documents for a dental loan?" said Pradelli.

"That has have yet to be determined but thank you," Patel replied.

Dr. Patel has filed appeals in both cases and has not been criminally charged.

His dental license is currently in good standing.