Distrito Catorce in Boyle Heights is a melting pot of food, art, community, and culture

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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Distrito Catorce is a melting pot of food, art, community, and culture
New restaurant/bar in East Los Angeles aims to nourish your body and soul with food, art and culture.

LOS ANGELES -- Boyle Heights has a new restaurant/bar that celebrates the local food, art and culture. And the owners say their goal isn't just to nourish your body but to also nourish your soul. Named in Spanish for LA City Council District 14, the district on which it's located, Distrito Catorce is a unique concept which offers local street vendors access to their kitchen to showcase their food and make sales.

"They bring in their food and everything, we just open up our kitchen to help our community," said Distrito Catorce owner Juan Jose Sanjuan III "We want to show

our customers that there's a lot of talent in this area."

"The awesome thing too that I feel we're doing is that we're giving our local artists a platform, a place where they can come, they can sell their art and we don't ask for anything in return," said co-owner Guillermo Armando Pion. "They get to keep all the money."

Distrito Catorce also features a "community table" to encourage locals and visitors to the area to sit together and share community over food and drinks.

"We don't want downtown to be the hub where everybody feels that they have to go to enjoy themselves, to have good beer, to have good food, to have a beautiful place," said Sanjuan. "We want people to know that you have a place here at home."

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