Family creates bucket list for dog with terminal cancer

Jennifer and Jordan Chapman's dog, Marley, was diagnosed with cutaneous lymphoma and given only six months left to live.

The couple adopted the 14-year-old pit bull from a shelter and decided to fill Marley's last months with adventure and excitement, so they created a bucket list!

"I would hate to see him sit in a shelter when he has this much life left in him," Jennifer said. "He is the best dog that we've ever had, and we have five dogs."

Marley has been able to ride in a firetruck, eat a burger, enjoy Starbucks, and more!

"Every time we go out, you just see this big, giant grin on this big, giant dog," Jordan added.

Marley's parents hope to raise awareness of hospice care and pet adoption.

"This is not a time to throw people or animals away, it's a time to celebrate the time they have left," Jennifer said. "If we can see senior and hospice animals walking out of shelters, this will be totally worth what we're about to go through when he does pass."

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