Parents charged after rowdy party in Drexel Hill

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016
VIDEO: Parents charges after rowdy party in Drexel Hill
Upper Darby police found hundreds of teenagers drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana at a party in Drexel Hill.

DREXEL HILL, Pa. (WPVI) -- Upper Darby police say they found hundreds of teenagers drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana at a rowdy party over the weekend. Now two parents are facing charges, accused of letting it happen on their watch.

54-year-old Abdul Ahmaddiya and 45-year-old Nichelle Davis-Ahmaddiya were arraigned Monday morning on charges of corruption of minors, disorderly conduct and providing alcohol to underage teens.

Police say Saturday night as many as 300 teenagers showed up at their house in the 3900 block of Mary Street in Drexel Hill for a party their 17-year-old daughter promoted on social media.

Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood says, "I will not allow parents to have these types of underage drinking, dope smoking parties in the township. It ain't gonna happen."

Around 10:30 p.m. police started receiving dozens of 911 calls reporting underage drinking and loud behavior.

Chitwood said the first responding officers saw about a hundred teens outside, and many more when they entered the house. They all scattered when they saw the police - some jumping from the windows.

Chitwood says, "So, they're running through backs of houses, ripping fences down as they run. So now we get another 20 calls... about all the - out of control."

Linda Keenan of Drexel Hill tells us, "Seemed like hundreds of kids going down the street screaming, yelling, carrying on. And then behind them was a police car just following them."

Police shut down the streets, but it took hours to clear the neighborhood. At one point, they say Abdul Ahmaddiya confronted the officers who were at his home, telling them the teens were allowed to drink and smoke marijuana in his house.

Abdul Ahmaddiya was arrested at the house Sunday night. Nichelle Davis-Ahmaddiya was arrested at the police station Monday morning when she arrived to post Abdul's bail. Both were able to post 10 percent cash of their $2,500 bail.

Their 17-year-old daughter was cited for possessing and transporting alcohol.