Bucks County officers ramp up DUI patrols on Thanksgiving Eve

BENSALEM TOWNSHIP, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- If you drink and drive, the chances are excellent that the police are going to find you. In Bucks County, Pennsylvania they are making a concerted effort to keep their roads safe and keep you safe in the process.

The good times are on at the Eddington House in Bensalem. After all, the night before Thanksgiving is considered the biggest party night of the year. But what comes along with that are drunk drivers.

It's a fact, but it's not something friends Amanda Bevin and Alexis Gordon plan on taking part in.

"My sister is home from college and she's not 21 yet so I'm going to use that and have her pick me up," said Amanda Bevin of Bensalem.

"I came with my mom and she's having drinks but my dad is picking us up," said Alexis Gordon.

Matt Torres also says the same, "I'll either take an Uber or I got a buddy that lives couple blocks over I'll walk over there."

To try and make sure all drunk drivers are clear of here, Bucks County has launched a task force on Wednesday night. Fourteen municipalities will rolling patrols covering all 18 miles of Street Road.

The message from Bensalem Township Police Lt. David Richardson is simple, "Obviously we want you to go out there and enjoy friends and family, but plan."

Richardson says he doesn't know why anyone would have drinks then drive, especially with rideshare services and taxis.

Matt Torres also says he knows how many lives can be ruined by DUI crashes and it's simply not worth it.

"The drunk guy usually lives and the family dies, so it's not worth it. So everyone should be safe tonight and do what's best for everyone," said Torres.
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