Derek Hough talks returning to the dance floor on the next 'Dancing with the Stars'

ByJennifer Matarese WPVI logo
Friday, October 16, 2020
Derek Hough talks about performing on the next 'DWTS'
Jennifer Matarese talks to Derek Hough about his upcoming performance on "Dancing with the Stars."

NEW YORK -- Derek Hough is returning to the "Dancing with the Stars" ballroom floor to perform for the first time in three years this Monday night.

He's dancing with DWTS alumni and girlfriend Hayley Erbert.

"We're rehearsing, we're icing every night," Hough said. "It's going to be like a Paso Doble, passionate, flamenco-style dance, and those are the kind of styles of dances that I really like, I really enjoy that flamenco style of guitar, and strings, and drums, and yeah, it's going to be fun."

For Hough, he says there's nothing like returning to the DWTS ballroom.

"It feels like I never left honestly," he said. "I've danced on that floor, hundreds, hundreds of times, hundreds of routines, and performances. It's pretty special though to sit back and recall all the amazing memories and experiences I've had on that floor, and on that show, and in that room, and add one more of those special moments to the list."

Hough said that as far as serving as a new judge, he's finding his rhythm.

"I think the timing of it going live, and only having 20 seconds to comment, I really enjoy it, and I really enjoy seeing the celebrities having those breakthrough moments and improvements," he said. "I'm there to be honest, and be truthful, but also encouraging."

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It's been an exciting season with a different star topping the leaderboard each week. "It's a pretty even playing field," Hough said.

Don't miss Derek Hough's big dance this Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC.