Teen wants college fund, even though he's not going to college

Here's an interesting debate that's playing out on a Reddit thread.

A teenager wants to know if it's wrong to want his college fund, even though he's not going to college.

Before you answer, listen to the scenario.

He's a high school senior.

He decided he wants to be an electrician.

They make good money, he says, and he wouldn't have to go to college for four years and spend $80,000 on a degree.

The parents always wanted him to go to college, but are okay with his decision.

They, then, tell his two sisters that they can use his share of the college savings.

The pot was supposed to be split three ways, with each sibling getting three years of schooling paid for.

If he doesn't go, it's a full ride for both sisters.

He argues, "I think I should just get my 60,000 and use it how I see fit. I'll probably start a retirement account and look into certificates and investments."

Most agreed he shouldn't get a dime, saying the savings were for college, not a bonus for turning 18 and it was never his money,

While others suggested the teenager should ask his parents to set aside some of "his portion" of the fund for business expenses, instead.
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