Chicago's Egg Roll Lady makes 75 types of egg rolls, including '12 inches of deliciousness'

ByJayme Nicholas Localish logo
Friday, October 1, 2021
'12 inches of deliciousness' tops Chicago Egg Roll Lady's menu
Chicagoan 'Dinky' Berry makes 75 different types of egg rolls-including one that's 12-inches long!

CHICAGO -- Roast beef, Jerk chicken, gyros and even peach cobbler. The "Egg Roll Lady" makes 75 different kinds of egg rolls at her new Humboldt Park carry out restaurant in Chicago.

Ernesta Berry, also known as "The Egg Roll Lady" or "Dinky," is as unique as her egg rolls. That's because her passion for egg rolls is real: "I eat, sleep and dream egg rolls," she explained.

One dream that came to fruition is her "everything egg roll" and her specialty foot-long, which she proudly proclaims is "12 inches of deliciousness" that "you won't find in Chinatown!" You can even personalize your egg roll, building it with your own favorite ingredients.

Dinky said she got her hankering for egg rolls as a child. Instead of an ice cream cone or a piece of candy for good behavior, Dinky's Aunt Cathy rewarded her with egg rolls! That great childhood memory was the inspiration for the urban egg roll trend that Dinky claims she set in Chicago.

Dinky calls her head chef, Takeisha Fountain, her "magic machine" and they say their "peanut butter and the jelly" relationship is what makes it all work. That team rolls approximately 700 egg rolls a day!

Dinky's egg rolls start at $3.75 (with tax) but she wants you to know that she also has some tasty desserts, too. Her family recipes are all made from scratch, including caramel cake and banana pudding.

Next up on her wish list of new egg rolls is the Soul Food egg roll. Dinky wants "to change the world one egg roll at a time."

To order egg rolls from "The Egg Roll Lady," carry-out restaurant call 773-698-7278..