Election 2020: Final push is on and Pennsylvania plays a key role

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Monday, November 2, 2020
Candidates head to Pa. again for final push before Election Day
Candidates head to Pennsylvania again for final push before Election Day

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- America stands at a crossroads the day before Election Day, like never before in modern history facing a choice between two candidates who offer such opposite visions in a time of such great stakes.

President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden were poised on Monday to give their closing arguments as to why each was best fit to steer the nation confronted with a once-in-a-century pandemic, the starkest economic contraction since the Great Depression and a citizenry divided on cultural and racial issues.

President Trump will be visiting five states Monday, including northeast Pennsylvania. Former Vice President Joe Biden will be in Pittsburgh with Lady Gaga, after making made two stops in Philadelphia on Sunday.

The candidates are making multiple stops Monday, with Biden focusing on Pennsylvania in the final hours.

"Last time Donald Trump won Pennsylvania he won by 44,000 votes. Every single one of those votes matter," said Biden. "The power to change this country, not figuratively, is literally in the hands of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania."

Biden spoke to a socially distanced crowd in their cars at FDR Park in South Philadelphia. He spoke about job creation, healthcare, the military and slammed President Trump for his handling of the pandemic.

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As for the President, he visited five states on Sunday, ending the day in Florida. Trump also stopped in Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia and Michigan. He too covered a variety of topics, including the pandemic, repeating that a vaccine is coming soon.

"We are rounding the turn but we have the greatest companies in the world and they're all set. And we're coming up. We will mass distribute the vaccine in just a few short weeks and it will quickly help us to eradicate it," Trump said.

Vote 2020: Candidates focus on Pa. as the race draws to a close

Kamala Harris will be with John Legend in Philadelphia tonight and Vice President Pence will hold two rallies in western Pennsylvania.

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