Joe Biden predicts victory as Donald Trump's campaign heads to court

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Thursday, November 5, 2020
Biden predicts victory, Trump campaign heads to court
Biden predicts victory, Trump campaign heads to court

Former Vice President Joe Biden is nearing the 270 electoral college votes required to win the presidency.

ABC news called Michigan as a Biden victory just before 5 p.m. Wednesday

"Every vote must be counted," said Biden during a Wednesday afternoon announcement.

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Biden tells voters to 'keep the faith' as ballot counting still underway. Christie Ileto has more on Action News at 11 p.m. on November 04, 2020.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is questioning the validity of ballots still being counted in key battleground states.

"This is a major fraud on our nation, and we want the law to be used in the proper manner. So we will be going to the United States Supreme Court. We went all voting to stop," said Trump.

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The Trump campaign is laying the groundwork for contesting the outcome in undecided battleground states.

Voting ended on Tuesday, November 3, but in some states, like Pennsylvania, mail-in ballots can be counted if received before 5 p.m. on November 6.

While the tallying of ballots continues in key battleground states, there are two different approaches from the presidential candidates.

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"We're winning enough states to reach 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency," said Biden.

Last night, President Trump addressed his supporters and the fact that numbers continued to shift as mail-in ballots were counted.

"We won states and all of a sudden I said, 'What happened to the election? It's off,'" said Trump.

The Trump campaign is now focused on a recount of Wisconsin ballots and taking legal action in regards to Pennsylvania and Michigan mail-in ballots.

The states that are yet to be called as of 5:30 Wednesday evening are Nevada, North Carolina, Arizona, Alaska, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.