6abc Loves the Arts: The Crossing

The Philadelphia Chamber Music Society is ringing in the holiday season with the spiritual sounds of a choir singing songs about the Nativity.

The Crossing is an internationally renowned choir based right here in Philadelphia, and they're known for a sound that's been described as 'ardently angelic' and "something of a miracle."

"The Chamber Music Society is pretty excited to present the PCMS debut of The Crossing on our series," says Philadelphia Chamber Music Society Artistic Director Miles Cohen, who says the Philadelphia group was formed in 2005 with an ensemble of nearly 40 members, "They'll give a concert that focuses on a holiday theme but specifically around contemporary music."

The program is called Crossing at Christmas, and it's based on the theme of Nativity, "specifically the role of the mother," says Cohen, "it'll be something that's very spiritual to hear and to go through with the choir."

They'll perform music that they've commissioned throughout the years, including both a U.S. and world premiere.

"They chose composers who based their repertoire, their actual songs on poetry and writing by women," says Cohen, "and the program is so contemplative and rich in what we'll hear; I think there's going to be a lot for the audience to hold on to."

The ensemble will be led by Bucks County-born conductor Donald Nally.

"He is someone whose career has been built around choir vocal repertoire," says Cohen who touts the show as a program the entire family will enjoy, "their goal is to take music that we don't know, that we haven't heard, and make it so that the audience wants to hear it again."

The Crossing will perform one night only on Friday, December 16th at 8pm at the Church of Holy Trinity on Rittenhouse Square. For tickets go to www.TheArtsinPhilly.org.
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