Berks Co. students take you on adventures 'Exploring with Aidan'

"Exploring with Aidan" takes you on an adventure to different locations within the school during each episode.

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Thursday, June 9, 2022
Berks Co. students produce videos to go 'Exploring with Aiden'
Two students in Berks County have been putting together video segments that have captured the hearts of both their school and the community as a whole.

BOYERTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Among the hallways in Boyertown Area Senior High School, you might run into telecom duo Luke Yambor and Henry Aidan Acevedo.

The two were paired up during the 2022 school year to film a very unique segment.

"When his segment does come on everybody stops talking, everybody watches, everybody laughs," said life skills teacher, Megan Bramble.

Luke and Henry put out their weekly show named "Exploring with Aidan," which takes you on an adventure to different locations within the school during each episode.

Some locations include the FCS rooms, Tech Ed rooms, and one of Henry's favorites - the boiler room.

Henry is a part of the life skills program at the high school.

"It's been really great for him. It's been really great for the whole life skills program in general because it's showing that our kids are fully capable of doing anything," said Bramble.

When Henry first arrived at the high school, it was obvious that he wanted to get into TV and camera work, which is where telecom teacher Bill Cherkasky comes in.

"He just loves every aspect of it. He loves going up behind the anchor desk or grabbing a mic," said Cherkasky.

Henry's love for the department allowed him to immerse himself and he quickly became a part of the BASH TV family.

"Exploring with Aidan" producer Luke Yambor likes to stay behind the camera while Henry hosts.

"He always surprises you with something. I never know what he's going to talk about," said Yambor.

Yambor graduated this year, but plans to try and come back to work with the telecom team.

"I enjoy this stuff. It's fun to work with Aidan, so I'm definitely going to miss it," says Yambor.

Teachers say the show has helped boost Henry's confidence and also enhanced his social skills.

The project is something the school and department hope to carry on in the future.