Adorable elderly couple celebrates anniversary by performing piano duet from Pixar's 'Up'

An adorable elderly couple performed a touching rendition of the piano score from Pixar's "Up" to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. (Jason Lyle Black/YouTube)

Get your tissues ready, because this elderly couple's rendition of the piano score from Up is a real tearjerker.

For their 60th wedding anniversary, an elderly couple came together to play the memorable piano theme from Pixar's Up, where the characters Carl and Ellie can be seen growing old together in an emotional montage sequence. The couple laughs and smiles together as photographs of their relationship are shown in the emotional video.

"They really loved the movie, and it was incredibly fun working with them for the video," Jason Lyle Black, pianist and grandson of the couple, told ABC News. "They've loved music their entire life. The piano they're playing in the video is actually a restored antique Steinway from the 1800's."

Other memorable elements from the Pixar classic, like the characters' "Adventure Book" and Carl's tennis-ball cane, were also included in the video. Black even dressed up in the same Wilderness Explorer uniform that Russell wore in the movie.

Black has been fond of his grandparents' piano duets ever since he was a child, and says that the touching video is a "family treasure" for the couple's nine kids and dozens of grandchildren.

"The night we posted the video, we had the whole family together, and we had grandma's cookies," Black said. "It was perfect."

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