What's the Deal: Custom-made suits from Henry A. Davidsen

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Whether the suit makes the man or the man makes the suit, we have a deal for men today on tailor-made, custom creations in Center City. (WPVI)

Whether the suit makes the man or the man makes the suit, we have a deal for men today on tailor-made, custom creations in Center City.

Walking inside Henry A. Davidsen on Spruce Street, you feel like you almost walked into an old fashioned parlor.

And you quickly learn that there is an art to a well-dressed man and custom, bespoke suits are back in a big way.

"I always ask 'How does it feel?' and they say, I never felt something like this," said Brian Lipstein, President and CEO of Henry A. Davidsen.

They say the idea is to invest in one good suit.

"I always tell people it's not the cost of the garment, it's the cost per wearing of the garment and when you invest in high quality garments, they last you 3,4, 5, 6 times longer than that cheap mass produced, cheap, off-the-rack garment would," said Lipstein.

An appointment here is more of a personal styling session where men learn to take that investment and stretch it.

"Definitely the accessories are how you make the garment look different and it's the less expensive way to change the look instead of buying 2 or 3 or 4 suits," said Lipstein.

All this week, they have deals on custom, locally made shirts and discounts of up to 40 percent off high end fabrics.

"What a lot of guys will do with that is they will come and buy their cloth for their wardrobe for the year. We will hold onto it and then over the course of the next couple months, we'll start making a piece here and a piece there," said Lipstein.

Some of those fabrics are woven with 24 karat gold leaf and crushed diamonds.

"You are literally wearing diamonds all over your body," said Lipstein.

They are also offering deals on suit add-ons.

"If a guy buys a suit we are offering him either 50 percent off a vest to add to it or a second set of trousers," said Lipstein.

And they're also offering free personalized monograms.

"This monogram is my own handwriting so you can do your own handwritten signature or handwritten initials," said Lipstein. "We don't usually do those free, only the stock ones are free, but for the 6abc viewers we'll include it."

Exclusive deals for Trunk Show shoppers include:

Adrian Jules: The leading American Bespoke custom clothing manufacturer
- Buy a custom sport coat, get 30% off matching pants,
- Buy a custom suit and add a vest or a second pant at 50% off

Mel Gambert: The second oldest shirt maker in the country
- Guests will get the first look at the Thomas Mason shirting books from Mitch Gambert, second-generation owner.
- 10% off of four or five custom shirts
- 15% off of six or more custom shirts
- Complimentary monogramming

Scabal: World-renowned expert tailor and cloth merchant
- Jon Hapanewitz will be offering guests exclusive discounts on fabric, allowing customers the opportunity to buy luxury cloths at a discounted price now and make a bespoke suit later.
- 10 percent off of one cut of cloth, 20 percent off the second, etc.

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