Saving with 6abc: Shop Linda's Stuff

Hatboro, Pa. (WPVI) -- Linda's Stuff is a giant online consignment business that started when Linda Lightman wanted to de-clutter her kids' old toys.

Lightman explains, "I started out as a lawyer, and then 15 years ago, my kids wanted to sell their video games and I put their video games on eBay and I got hooked. It was awesome."

Next, she started selling her own designer clothes, and then her friends' clothes on eBay. Now, she sells clothing and accessories for individuals -- including the likes of Paula Abdul -- designers and boutiques. All at deep discounts over retail.

"I like to say you're getting between 70-80%, sometimes 90% off of retail," Lightman explains.

Linda's Stuff has 150-thousand items posted for sale. Everything comes to a warehouse in Hatboro, where a staff of photographers shoot the items and copy-writers measure and describe them, before posting them online. Every piece gets a bar code and is placed in a numbered, alphabetical storage bin until it's sold.

While buyers get bargains, sellers get a sliding percentage of the purchase price, Lightman explains, "When your item sells, you get 62% out of the selling price, if the item sells under $1000. If it sells for over $1000, you get 75% of the selling price. And if it sells for over $5000, which a Birkin bag would sell for, then, you get 80%."

Shipping for both sellers and buyers is free. And if the item doesn't sell in a year, the consignor can get it back.

To check out Linda's Stuff, click here.

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