Family mementos meant for newborn stolen by porch pirate in Fishtown

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Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Family mementos meant for newborn stolen by porch pirate in Philadelphia
A woman in Philadelphia's Fishtown section has fallen victim to a porch pirate, and the crime of it is that the package was intended to celebrate a blessed event.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A woman in Philadelphia's Fishtown section is hoping to track down a porch pirate who stole a package that contained family belongings that were shipped from overseas.

Cameras caught the brazen bandit making off with family mementos meant for Stephanie Myers' two-week-old son.

"He literally crept up," said Myers. "And he lifted up our doormat, took his package, got on his bike and rode away."

The suspect took off south on the 2300 block of Mercer Street.

In a 20-second video clip, priceless keepsakes from loved ones in the Netherlands were gone in seconds.

"Unfortunately we don't know what was inside and there was no way of tracking it because it came international. We can't see, and we have no clue when we'll be able to see them or thank them. And they can't come here because of COVID-19. It makes things even harder," said Myers.

While Myers says she doesn't recognize the thief, neighbors on her Fishtown block say this has been an ongoing issue to the point where they've tried to develop a system to curb the petty crimes.

In Myers' case, she said she had no idea this parcel was arriving and had no way of tracking it.

She posted the home surveillance on social media hoping someone recognizes the porch pirate.

"I posted this on the page without a video of his face because what I really wanted was him to bring it back because it has no value to him. It's only personal. I would prefer he bring it back so our son could have it," Myers said tearfully.

Anyone who recognizes the man in that surveillance is asked to contact the Philadelphia police.