'The Flatlanders' runs through February 18 at Plays & Players

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Monday, January 29, 2024
'The Flatlanders' runs through February 18 at Plays & Players
1812 Productions is partnering with The Delaware Theatre Company to bring the comedy 'The Flatlanders' to Plays & Players.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Jennifer Childs and Scott Greer star in the world premiere of "The Flatlanders" at Plays & Players.

"It's really funny. I think it's very relatable, especially if you're a couple that's been together, married or not," says Childs.

Childs plays Ronnie and her real-life husband of 25 years plays Michael.

The couple in the show are on their way to their own wedding in the Poconos when they have an accident.

"Their car slides off the road and they are forced to break into an empty house to keep warm," says Greer.

The new play by Bruce Graham is presented by 1812 Productions.

"Bruce's greatest gift as a playwright is that you can always see yourself in his characters," says Greer.

He describes his character Michael as "a little tightly wound."

Childs says Ronnie is a real go-getter, but she has a dramatic side, too.

The production, directed by Matt Pfeiffer, takes place over the course of one night.

"The two characters are very much in love and feel like they have found a life partner in the other, but there is a lot of fear about naming the relationship 'a marriage,'" says Pfeiffer.

Ronnie and Michael have been together for 14 years, so Childs says the show is not exploring "young love or first love," but rather a relationship between two middle-aged people.

"It's sort of examining what marriage means," says Greer. "Why do it now?"

"And what you learn about yourself every day by sharing your life with somebody else," says Pfeiffer. "There are definitely a lot of laughs."

"And just whip-smart, the jokes," says Childs. "There's a lot of physical comedy in it as well."

"You're like, oh wow, that's me, or I'm glad that's not me, or what would I do if that was me?" says Greer.

"It is a farce-filled evening," says Pfeiffer. "It's really entertaining."

"The Flatlanders" runs through February 18 at Plays & Players in Center City before moving on to the Delaware Theatre Company in Wilmington in April.

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