FBI issues alert on e-skimming ahead of holiday shopping season

CHICAGO -- The FBI has issued an alert about e-skimming just as people are set to begin their holiday shopping in the coming weeks.

E-skimming, also known as formjacking, is when a hacker installs a malicious code onto a website and captures credit, debit card numbers and other very sensitive information.

You could be shopping, filling out a job application or a government form- on what you think is a secure website.

"Your transaction goes through. You didn't realize anything was different but behind the scenes the attackers were able to get your private information," said Andrew Hoog of Chicago-based cybersecurity company Now Secure.

Cyber experts say anti-virus software may not even catch this and the scheme is on the rise, so people who are doing online shopping should be on high alert.

Cyber experts say the easiest way for most people to be vigilant is to check your credit card statements, your debit card statements each month and it's always helpful to monitor your credit score.

You can also get a credit card designated for only online purchases, which can help you streamline those transactions. This way if the information is stolen you can retain the physical card and your original card number.

Last month, I-Team reporter Jason Knowles reported on the dangers of formjacking.
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