102-year-old pens songs for seniors for an old school modern sound

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Tuesday, November 19, 2019
This 102-year-old created an old-school modern sound for seniors
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This 102-year-old proves age is just a number!

Alan R. Tripp, a 102-year-old man with a dream, is writing the musical script for the next decade.

He and his musical partner, Marvin Weisbord, are tapping into an underserved market: songs for seniors. With over a century's worth of experience, they are combining the sounds of the 1940s with lyrics for the 2020s.

Having survived many eras of musical evolution, Tripp studied how music moves people for his latest project. He defines the zeitgeist as having a human element, using his lyrics to relate to the life experiences of senior citizens. Between the unabashedly honest " I Just Can't Remember Your Name" and the nostalgic "Best Old Friends," these tracks will speak to many generations of people across the country.

You can hear the music for yourself at SeniorSongBook.com!