General Motors workers rally 2 weeks into strike

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Sunday, September 29, 2019
General Motors workers rally 2 weeks into strike
General Motors workers rally 2 weeks into strike. Annie McCormick reports on Action News at 10 on Sept. 28, 2019.

For two straight weeks, the picket line continues outside of The General Motors Plant in Langhorne, Pennsylvania as members of United Auto Workers 2177 continue to strike.

On Saturday, several unions came out to a rally to throw their support behind the GM employees.

The sticking points of the still unresolved contract include; fair wages, affordable health care, job security and a push for temporary workers to become full-time.

Union members say GM's record profits over the past three years are not reflected in employee's wages.

"People are tired of the corporate greed and the top level getting the most money and not trickling it down to the people doing the work," said UAW 2177 member Dave Greenhalgh.

"We want good wages across the board we want to be treated fairly we don't want to be second fiddles," said fellow union member Robin Pinkney.

Politicians on the state and federal level attended the rally and showed concern not only for the workers but the impact the strike is having on the economy.

"What people forget is striking is a last alternative and they only do it because at that point, they have to fight for what's right," said State Senator Steve Santarsiero who represents the state's 10th district.

Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick also attended the rally to show his support and called on GM to come to the table.

"Eighty-two workers out of work for two weeks and it's also a financial impact on GM...its craziness if they just came to the table the workers demands is not unreasonable," he said.