Mom spooked after seeing 'ghost baby' in son's crib

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Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Mom spooked after seeing 'ghost baby' in son's crib
An Illinois mom shared pictures of what appears to be a 'ghost baby' sleeping next to her son in his crib.

NAPERVILLE, Illinois -- An Illinois mother said she was freaked out after she spotted what looked like a 'ghost baby' sleeping in her son's crib.

Maritza Elizabeth shared pictures from her baby monitor that show her son, Lincoln, asleep beside what looks like a paranormal presence in the form of an infant.

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She was so spooked that she kept sneaking into her son's room with a flashlight to see where the mysterious baby was coming from, according to Storyful.

When she investigated again in the morning, Elizabeth discovered that the creepy sight was actually just a photo of a baby on the mattress tag, which her husband never covered with a mattress protector.