Girl Scout featured on box of hit 'Raspberry Rally' cookies, but says those aren't her favorites

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Wednesday, March 8, 2023
Girl Scout featured on box of new cookie says it's her 2nd favorite
The Girl Scout featured on the box of the organization's new raspberry rally cookie says it's her second favorite.

ATLANTA, Georgia -- A little girl from George is soaking in some well-deserved, newfound fame.

She's one of the girls featured on the box of an incredibly popular new flavor of Girl Scout cookies.

Natalie Suarez Filomeno, 10, is pictured on the package for the new "Raspberry Rally".

What does she think about this hit flavor?

"I think its probably my second favorite," Filomeno said cutely.

The Girl Scout has sold a whopping 1,200 boxes of cookies this year.

Anyone who keeps up with the latest news regarding beloved Girl Scout cookies knows how popular the "Raspberry Rally" is.

Those cookies are in such high demand that they are selling out everywhere. Online stores like eBay are selling the cookies for up to five times their normal price.

The Girl Scouts hope that cookie lovers will try other flavors at their normal price in the meantime and stay loyal to them.