Suspect in deadly Glenolden shooting identified as police officer

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014
VIDEO: Police officer charged in deadly Glenolden shooting
A twisted love triangle involving two Delaware County police officers has ended in gunfire and tragedy.

GLENOLDEN, Pa. (WPVI) -- Authorities have identified a former police officer as the suspect who gunned down a woman in Delaware County before opening fire on her 15-year-old daughter.

Investigators tell Action News former Colwyn cop Stephen Rozniakowski was armed with a gun, police radio, and a bullet proof vest when he kicked the door in at the home on the 600 block of Glenfield Avenue.

He allegedly shot dead Valerie Morrow, then shot her 15-year-old daughter once in the arm.

Morrow's husband, a part-time Morton police officer, was awakened by the gunfire.

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whalen explains, "Tom Morrow, at this point hearing the commotion, hearing the gunfire, reached into his nightstand next to the bed, pulled out a revolver and started returning fire."

When he ran out of bullets Morrow jumped out of a second floor window, breaking his ankle.

Motive appears to be jealousy, according to sources. Valerie Morrow and Rozniakowski had at one time been romantically involved.

The Morrows believe Rozniakowski scratched their newly purchased jeep last week. Then on Monday Valerie obtained a Protection from Abuse order against him.

It was delivered last night around 6pm at the Norwood home he shares with his mother and brother.

"She feared for her life. She feared for her family's life," Hogan said.

Neighbor Charlene King-Milley tells us, "I've known [Stephen Rozniakowski] since he was a baby... I've been here fifty years. It's like, I can't believe this. Oh my God, my heart is..."

Court records and police say Rozniakowski has a history of stalking charges and Protection from Abuse orders.

He's currently charged in Montgomery County. Colwyn Borough officials say when they learned of those accusations, the part-time police officer was taken off the streets.

Colwyn Borough Manager Paula Brown says, "He was taken out of uniform and off the street back in March of 2014 when the other issue surfaced. And he is not a Colwyn police officer anymore, he resigned yesterday, and everything was taken care of yesterday prior to the incident."

Rozniakowski remains hospitalized in critical but stable condition. He faces murder charges, and the DA says he is contemplating the death penalty.

As for the two other victims - the stepfather and the 15-year-old girl - both were treated and released from a local hospital.