Philly Goat Project herds community to the great outdoors

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Thursday, April 11, 2024
Philly Goat Project herds community to the great outdoors
Karen Krivit is the director of the Philly Goat Project, herding community members to the great outdoors

PHILADLEPHIA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Philadelphia is home to trained goats who spread wellness in the community, inspiring them to head to the great outdoors.

Led by director and founder, Karen Krivit, people can enjoy nature while befriending an animal they may not normally get to pet.

"This program is a platform for people to have their own agency to be well in nature, in the city," said Krivit.

"We create a connection between people and nature. People will go outside and not know what to do. We give them something to do...they light up, that's what's really amazing when you take them to a school or park or anything like that," said Volunteer Coordinator Leslie Jackson.

The goats visited the Boys and Girls Club in the video above, where you can learn more information.

Also, check out the Philly Goat Project on their website.