Winning Google Doodle hopes to make the world a better place

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Google has unveiled the winner of its seventh annual Doodle 4 Google contest.

More than 100,000 students, K-12, were asked to draw an invention that would make the world a better place. Eleven-year-old Audrey Zhang from New York was the winner.

Doodle for Google winner Audrey Zhang.

Doodle for Google winner Audrey Zhang.

Her whimsical illustration shows a water purification system that takes polluted water and transforms it to clean, safe water for humans and animals alike.

Audrey says she came up with it after learning that a lot of people don't have clean water to drink.

Not only is her Doodle being featured on Google today, but Audrey also received a $30,000 college scholarship. Google also said it was so inspired by her Doodle, that donated $20,000 in her name to an organization that helps provide clean water to schools in Bangladesh.

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