Meet the Civic Coalition to Save Lives as they attempt to solve Philly's gun violence problem

ByNiki Hawkins WPVI logo
Monday, April 17, 2023
Watch April 16 Inside Story | Philly's Civic Coalition to Save Lives
Gun violence is a crisis in Philadelphia. We meet some of the members forming this unique collaboration to stop the violence.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Gun violence is a crisis in Philadelphia. On this special Inside Story, learn more about a unique collaboration to stop the violence - immediately.

Established by Philadelphia Foundation and the William Penn Foundation in partnership with Urban Affairs Coalition, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Equity Alliance, the Civic Coalition to Save Lives is a broad cross-sector effort bringing more than 90 business, philanthropic and civic organizations together to partner with the City of Philadelphia to address the issue of gun violence.

The Coalition's goals are to bend the curve on gun violence in the near term while ensuring effective strategies and evidence-based interventions are sustained across transitions in leadership.

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Host Matt O'Donnell talks with the main organizers of this massive effort to thwart gun deaths in the short term in Philadelphia - Pedro Ramos - President and CEO - The Philadelphia Foundation; Shawn McCaney - Executive Director - William Penn Foundation; Sharmain Matlock-Turner - CEO, Urban Affairs Coalition; Mike Innocenzo - President and CEO, PECO & Chairman, The Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia.

Matt also speaks with the Coalition's Executive Director Estelle Richman -- also named Special Advisor to the Managing Director on Gun Violence Intervention -- and consultant David Muhammad - Executive Director for The National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform on what proven strategies from other cities have worked to thwart gun violence. Finally, they discuss the coalition's plans for Philadelphia to curb homicides.