Holiday season kickoff in Haddonfield, NJ

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Saturday, November 26, 2022
Holiday season kickoff in Haddonfield, NJ
The kickoff to the holiday season started in Haddonfield, New Jersey on Friday night.

HADDONFIELD, New Jersey (WPVI) -- The kickoff to the holiday season started in Haddonfield, New Jersey on Friday night.

Hundreds of people gathered for the city's annual tree-lighting ceremony.

"We're very excited to be here with our two daughters. It's such a special time, grateful to be together and to be with all these people here," said Frank Marciano, from Haddonfield.

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Folks say they love how this brings the community together.

"It's a family-oriented environment, and I think that's the best part about bringing your dogs, bringing kids. Christmas is about being around family and being with each other, so that makes it even better," said Chris Terry, from Haddonfield.

Little ones gathered to see Santa, and some came with a list.

"I want like new dance shoes and clothes," said Sarah Budesa, from Haddonfield.

Families also got to enjoy candlelight shopping in downtown Haddonfield.

"We go up and downtown supporting local businesses," said Jayme Randazzo, from Haddonfield.

Business owners say they stay open later to welcome the holiday crowds.

"We love the candlelight shopping. We look forward to it all year round. I mean it just brings such great energy to the town and everyone's out to support small businesses," said Alyssa O'Rourke, owner of Nine North Men's and Women's Boutique.

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