Holiday scents may be troublesome for some

The holidays are filled with wonderful scents from pine trees to candles to potpourri.

But if you have allergies, these scents may not be so wonderful.

They can be especially irritating for people with asthma or chronic sinusitis.

If that's you, you may notice symptoms getting worse.

"Somebody who has non-allergic triggers such as cigarette smoke, perfume, strong odors, this time of year with all the celebrations, people might be running across more irritants than usual," Dr. Lily Pien of the Cleveland Clinic said.

And if you have a live Christmas tree, that can also spark problems for some people. You could be allergic to the tree or the tree may carry microscopic mold spores.

If you know what bothers you, try to avoid it.

If you can't then try to prepare for it.

If you typically take an over-the-counter medication for symptoms, make sure you do so before you're exposed.
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