New Jersey woman lobbies for Next of Kin Bill

TRENTON, N.J. (WPVI) -- A Turnersville, New Jersey, woman is lobbying state lawmakers to enact a resolution that would encourage hospitals to notify family members of a patient who is brought in unable to communicate.

It's a regulation that currently doesn't exist.

Diane Holtaway's mom was rushed to Kennedy Hospital last year after suffering a fatal stroke.

The ER made just one call to her mother's empty home.

She says no effort was made to find next of kin despite one easy way to track them down.

"They looked for her wallet, they identified her and got her medical insurance information. Her unlocked, charged cell phone was right in her purse with my contact info, my husband's contact info ... everything was right there," said Holtaway.

Kennedy is just one of several hospitals that are not required to find family members.

Holtaway testified Thursday in front of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, hoping to push forward a measure to change that.
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