Heatwave continues in Philadelphia

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Tuesday, June 8, 2021
Residents work to stay cool in Philadelphia
As the heat continues in Philadelphia, residents are working to stay cool.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The first heatwave of the season continued Tuesday in Philadelphia.

"The humidity is so high," said Gil Borges, who works in construction.

Borges takes breaks when needed and stays hydrated.

"Drink a lot of water," Borges said.

Even with the sun blaring down and the humidity cranking up, there's still work to be done.

"It's too hot," said Farman Khan.

Khan's Food truck is set up near City Hall. Between the heat outside and the cooking inside, the temperatures climb.

"Yesterday, like super hot. Outside is 100 degrees, in here like 150 degrees," Khan said.

When it comes to working out, wardrobe is important and timing is everything.

Earlier in the day, the conditions are more tolerable.

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"Put on a tank top instead of a T-shirt. Try and get out earlier in the morning," said John Lannacone of Fairmount.

"Definitely humid, definitely hot. Trying to get it in before it changes too much more," added John Howland of Fairmount.

"Down here by the water it's not so hot, especially if you come out at a decent time. Early in the morning, it's not too bad. It's pretty good," said Patrice Pittman of Olney.

Antonio Haynesworth, a featherweight professional boxer from West Philadelphia tried to use the heat to his advantage.

"It's really hard working out because it's really hot, but for me, it's good because I got to lose weight to fight," Haynesworth said.

Relief is coming with cooler temperatures and lower humidity to close out the week.