Mensch on a Bench creator returns to 'Shark Tank' with new products

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- ABC's "Shark Tank" has really jump started some incredible small businesses, making one person's dream a household name.

Case in point? Mensch on a Bench, one of the show's best sellers.

Moshe the Mensch and his creator, Neal Hoffman, stopped by our studios to give us an update after his time in the "Shark Tank".

"I say that we've introduced the first Jewish character since old testament," said Hoffman.

Moshe the Mensch on a Bench, which is Yiddish for a good person, has become a viral Hanukkah must-have.

And it all started when Hoffman was walking through a department store with his son.

"He wanted an Elf on a Shelf and I turned to him and said, 'Dude you can't, you're Jewish!'," he said. "You can have a Mensch on a Bench - and the idea was born, I wrote the book that night."

Once Hoffman brought Bensch on a Bench onto "Shark Tank," a star was born - but not before investor Lori Greiner made a few tweaks on Moshe.

"I call her the best product person of our time other than Steve Jobs," said Hoffman.

Lori helped make Moshe look more friendly and to date more than 100,000 have been sold.

"I think we will double our sales this year just bc he's cute!" she said with a laugh.

And the Mensch line is expanding. There's now a singing menorah that teaches kids Hanukkah prayers and Mensch munch chocolate bars.

Hoffman has even teamed up with the popular holiday website, Elf Yourself, where you can now turn you and your family into Mensches who are dancing around singing a Hanukkah song.

But with all the kitsch, Hoffman says the real goal is to celebrate Jewish culture and traditions.

His new soft dreidel teaches the little ones their letters.

"Our goal is to add more funukkah to Hanukkah and have more meaningful Jewish interactions as a family," said Hoffman.

To date, almost one million dollars worth of Mensches have been sold.

Hoffman also said he just sold the rights to the book for an animated TV special.

He's even in the process of adding a female Hannukah hero, which he will debut Friday night on "Shark Tank".

You can watch "Shark Tank" Friday nights at 9 p.m. on 6abc.

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