Public library in New Jersey offers more than just books for cardholders to check out

Thursday, February 22, 2024
Library of Things: At NJ library, you can check out more than books
Library of Things: At NJ library, you can check out more than books

HOBOKEN, New Jersey (WPVI) -- At the Hoboken Public Library in Hoboken, New Jersey, you'll find a treasure chest of books - but that's not all.

Cardholders can now check everyday items like electronics, tools and yard games.

Need to borrow a telescope? Check! How about a stud finder? Check! You can even borrow an air compressor at the new Library of Things.

"Living in an urban area where you don't have a lot of space to store things, wouldn't it be great if I could borrow say a knife sharpener, use it once and I can just return it, that's where the genesis of this came from," said Hoboken Public Library Director Jenny Pu said.

Pu is refreshingly over the moon, excited to show off and spread the word about the new collection on the second floor.

If you have a Hoboken Public Library card, you can come and borrow an item for free. You can keep it for 14 days then simply return it for the next person to use.

The library buys everything. At times it outsources but hopes to grow its collection.

Games have been popular, and so have household appliances, Pu says.

Similar programs are in place at other libraries in our area.

In Fair Lawn, New Jersey, you can borrow an antique wedding gown. In Brooklyn, you can borrow a musical instrument. At another location, the most popular item is a popcorn machine.

You can go online to see what's currently in stock. Pu says the sky is the limit.