Massive house fire in Iowa may be linked to TV remote

ALBURNETT, Iowa (WPVI) -- Neighbors say it took just 10 minutes for a devastating fire to rip through a home on their block, killing a dog and leaving a family homeless.

Firefighters say the flames spread from the living room outward, and may have been ignited by a television remote control, KWWL-TV reports.

The home was almost unrecognizable to the homeowners, who had left only minutes earlier.

A 10-year-old girl who was walking her dog saw black smoke pouring out of the windows and rushed to get help from her dad and another neighbor.

Together, Rod Comried and the man were able to kick down the door, saving one of the homeowner's dogs.

Sadly, a second dog did not survive the fire.

Comried said he called a woman who lived at the home and told her she needed to come back, that something was wrong.

"She was a mess when she got here," Comried said. "She was really worried about her dog."

The woman reportedly told her neighbor the remote control was tucked down between two couch cushions.

Firefighters said it was possible the remote could have sparked the fire, but are investigating.
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