Hung Vuong Supermarket opens in Cherry Hill

CHERRY HILL, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Walking down the aisles of Hung Vuong Supermarket in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Amy Lui is taken back to her childhood.

"I used to eat this when I was a kid, delicious," she said pointing out some of the tropical fruit.

The new store is the 16-year-old chain's largest market and its first in South Jersey. It also has three locations in Philadelphia and one on the way in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

"They have like durian, they have jack fruit, all those tropical fruits that you don't see in other grocery stores. That's why I love it," said Lui.

Hung Vuong was supposed to open in March, but the pandemic put that on hold. When it was finally able to this summer, the owners felt they could provide a different shopping experience for the community with seafood so fresh it starts out in aquariums under the meat counter.

"This makes it very convenient that we can stay here, we don't have to go far, we don't have to go to Philadelphia, and we can just come around and shop," said Liu.

"The diversity of the store is easy to see when walking down the aisles where Asian products are right next to American brands.

"By walking around, you can see all different types of people here, all different ethnicities, not just Asians. It's really nice," said Chris Heide of Medford. He's a chef who wanted to check out the store. He says he's impressed with the product variety.

"This one is the best one I've seen around here," he said.
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