Former Phillies player offers support after 79-year-old woman kicked while boarding bus

"I'm terribly sorry for what you had to go through on the bus. It broke out hearts to see that happen to you," Hunter Pence said.

Wednesday, December 21, 2022
EXCLUSIVE: Former SF Giants star steps up to help bus attack victim
A former San Francisco Giants player and his wife are among the growing supporters for a 79-year-old woman brutally attacked on a Muni bus.

SAN FRANCISCO (WPVI) -- A 79-year-old woman who has worked concessions at San Francisco sporting events for decades was attacked while boarding a bus to work earlier this month.

Now, a former Giant and Philadelphia Phillies favorite and his wife are speaking out to support her.

The attack occurred on the morning of Dec. 3. She told our sister station KGO-TV that it has affected her physically and mentally.

"Sometimes I have chest pain. My head gets headaches and my shoulder is still in pain also," Lisa said. She requested we not use her last name.

VIDEO: EXCLUSIVE: 79-year-old woman kicked in stomach on SF Muni bus, highlighting increase in attacks

A 79-year-old woman is speaking out after being kicked in the stomach by a passenger while boarding a San Francisco Muni bus to go to work.

Lisa has worked nearly 30 years in concessions for the San Francisco Giants, Golden State Warriors and San Francisco 49ers and was on her way to Oracle Park when she was violently kicked in the stomach while scanning her transit card.

KGO-TV reported on the attack last week and since then, Lisa's story generated a lot of attention.

The San Francisco Police Department released surveillance video, asking for the public's help in identifying the suspect.

"Even when I went to the bank they said, 'Are you on the news?'" Lisa said.

But the bank teller was not the only one to take notice.

Alexis Pence, wife of retired MLB player Hunter Pence, expressed interest in helping on social media.

Hunter Pence played for the Phillies in 2011 and 2012.

Just a few days later, KGO-TV was able to show Lisa a video recorded by Hunter Pence on behalf of the couple, expressing their concern and care.

"Hello Lisa, It's Hunter Pence with the San Francisco Giants and I want to first and foremost say I'm terribly sorry for what you had to go through on the bus. It broke out hearts to see that happen to you. But we want to back you up and support you and let you know how much the Bay Area appreciates all of your hard work in the stadiums. I know from my experience, you and your coworkers make all the Bay Area sports so warm and welcoming and create such a wonderful atmosphere. You're such a heartbeat to the city and to the sports teams. So thank you for all your work and we're looking forward to helping you get some safe transportation to and from work in the thank you so much; we're looking forward to sending you some gifts and all the best to you. Hope you stay strong!"

The Pences' support includes providing Lisa with taxi rides.

She is most excited at that prospect so she can feel safer going back and forth from home to work.

"I think this really helps. Thank you very much," Lisa said.

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The South East Asian Community Center also created a GoFundMe to help with lost wages and other expenses.

Lisa is now looking forward to going back to work for the Warriors game on Christmas Day and eagerly awaits the start of baseball season.

"I love the Giants," Lisa said. "I always say, 'I hope the Giants will win!'"

The SFPD investigation into Lisa's case continues.