South Jersey family aims to fill 53-foot tractor trailer to help Ida victims

This donation marks the fourth time the DiPasquale's have stepped in for disaster relief.
MOORESTOWN, New Jersey (WPVI) -- A Burlington County family is collecting items to donate to victims of Hurricane Ida.

The DiPasquale's are attempting to fill a 53-foot tractor-trailer this weekend in the Moorestown Mall parking lot.

"When you see these people come out and give one thing to 100 things, it doesn't matter. It still pulls on the heartstrings really tightly," said Nancy DiPasquale, founder of the Local Acts of Kind.

It's their challenge to the Moorestown community, all to benefit people they'll never meet.

"Always try to help your neighbors even though they might be far away. It's always great to feel the warmth of helping others," said Henry DiPasquale, Nancy's husband.

On Monday, September 27, the truck will go to those who need help after the hurricane in Louisiana.

"There are still places that haven't started to rebuild yet. They haven't even started cleanup yet," said Nancy.

This donation marks the fourth time the DiPasquale's have stepped for disaster relief.

The first was a decade ago, after Superstorm Sandy. They had told their neighbors they wanted to collect items at a park for people who needed help.

"We were there for two hours, and our cars were completely full, so we came back and said, 'Wow, we must be on to something here,'" said Nancy.

Since then, the challenge has grown to donated tractor-trailers and drivers like Pete Butler, who volunteers his time.

"I'd rather help out people in need, lose a little time, money, whatever it doesn't matter, as long as I can help them, I'll do it," said Butler.

"People like to do things to do things together and like a sense of community, but when you actually see it happen, and you see the trailer start to fill up little by little, it's an incredible feeling," said Nancy.

There is still time left to donate. The DiPasquale's will be back out here in the Moorestown mall parking lot starting at 10 a.m. Sunday.

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