Hurricane Irma approaching the Lesser Antilles

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Irma is a major hurricane approaching the Lesser Antilles. Tropical Rainstorm Harvey is heading into the northeast U.S.

Tropical Rainstorm Harvey continues to progress off to the north and east across the Ohio Valley, producing heavy rain and localized flooding. Additional rainfall tonight will average 1-4 inches across southeast Indiana, southern Ohio, eastern Kentucky and over western West Virginia. There will be a few locations in the higher terrain of eastern Kentucky and western West Virginia that might pick up 5-6 inches. As a result of this heavy rainfall, localized flooding will occur across this area.

Harvey will continue moving to the north and east tomorrow and Sunday into and across the the Mid-Atlantic States. Some soaking downpours are expected across parts of Pennsylvania, New York and New England.

Irma continues to have a fluctuating intensity. Irma regained major hurricane status late Friday afternoon with winds of 120 mph. Irma will travel in a general westward motion through the centraltropical Atlantic into early next week. Irma will be a major hurricane as it approaches the Lesser Antilles during Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Recent computer models are suggesting Irma could pass very close to the Leeward Islands during Wednesday. However, tropical storm force winds and very rough surf could start to show up over these islands during Tuesday. All residents and interests

In the Lesser Antilles, especially the Leeward Islands, the Virgin Islands and even Puerto Rico need to closely monitor the progression of this very dangerous hurricane.

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