New Ikea campaign replaces product names with hilarious relationship problems

Comedian Amy Poehler once joked that Ikea is the Swedish word for "argument" so perhaps their new ad campaign makes perfect sense.

Allow us to introduce you to, a tongue-in-cheek website that replaces the tricky Swedish names on Ikea's products with the top relationship questions and problems on Google.

For example, a built-in dishwasher formerly known as Betrodd, has been renamed: "My Girlfriend Won't Do The Dishes."

And their stainless steel frying pan, with a 25-year-guarantee, now dubbed: "How to Stay Married."

If you've ever Googled "How to Say I'm Not Interested"... wonder no more.

Ikea suggests their $4 dollar garlic press.

And finally, the furniture store has quantified "How Expensive Is It to Have Children" without saying a word by renaming their extendable bed.