Protect and serve, and save Christmas

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Thursday, December 24, 2015
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It was almost a sad Christmas for a Mayfair family

MAYFAIR (WPVI) -- It looked like a sad Christmas for a Mayfair family.

But the big hearts of some Philadelphia police officers have changed that.

Christmas presents, including those for 4 year old twins Samantha and Scarlet.

15th district Officer Walter Bosak and his partners who answered the burglary call weren't about to let the Grinch win.

So they raised nearly a thousand dollars in 24 hours to replace the gifts, and give the family some holiday meals.

James Osuch was pleased at the effort. "To find out that these officers are doing this, it's pretty amazing."

Officer Bosak was excited to not only protect but also serve. "It's awesome. I mean, it's fun to play cops & robbers, and lock up the bad guys and get in chases and all that stuff, but to see the look on those little girls faces, and his face, there's nothing in my career that compares to that."

The officers, who have kids about the same age, say they want to catch that burglar, too.

Who says Santa always wears red!