Aspiring chef rediscovers his love of cooking with Trinh Eats

After positive feedback from friends, his love has turned into a business.

ByTimothy Walton via WPVI logo
Thursday, November 5, 2020
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After a hiatus from the kitchen and some experimenting during the pandemic, Jacob Trinh is back with Trinh Eats, his line of Chinese condiments.

PHILADLEPHIA (WPVI) -- Jacob Trinh likes to dance in the kitchen. A year ago he was an aspiring chef hoping to earn a Michelin star during his career.

After helping open Vernick at the Four Seasons, Trinh stepped away from the kitchen for the first time in nearly a decade.

He worked at his parent's Auto Tag store until the pandemic shut down that business.

During his time at home, he reignited his passion for cooking by making xo sauce, a luxury Chinese condiment.

After positive feedback from friends and family, he has turned it into a business making sauces.

He sells a traditional xo sauce made with dried seafood ingredients and a vegan version made with New Jersey mushrooms. He also makes a variety of fermented hot sauces, with his items available for purchase on his Instagram page.

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