West Oak Lane residents offered free mammograms from Jefferson Health mobile unit

Friday, October 22, 2021
West Oak Lane residents offered free mammograms from Jefferson Health
Residents of Philadelphia's West Oak Lane neighborhood are being offered free mammograms thanks to a new initiative Jefferson Health and OARC.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The Ogontz Avenue Revitalization Corporation (OARC) and Jefferson Health's Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center kicked off a new initiative to offer free mammograms to neighbors in West Oak Lane.

Inside what looks like a large trailer is a waiting room and patients are brought back to get screened free of charge. Carol King of West Oak Lane is excited about the new partnership.

"I get a mammogram every year because I had an aunt who died from breast cancer," she said. "I encourage neighbors, friends, other relatives because it is a life saving opportunity to have that done."

The first screening is scheduled for November 9 in the Dietz & Watson Mobile Screening Van from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. The screenings are going to happen every month for the next year.

The van is able to accommodate 18 patients per day. The results are sent to radiologists at the hospital and patients find out their results through the mail or online.

"A lot of residents have gone through the diagnosis of breast cancer. And so we recognize that for any community to survive is the first and foremost recognize there is an issue," said CEO of OARC Kim Lloyd.

The mobile screening unit is coming to West Oak Lane because breast cancer disproportionately affects black women.

According to the National Cancer Institute, African American women have a higher percentage of breast cancer than white women and the highest death rate from breast cancer.

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